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2015 Lincoln MKZ - Lincoln Date Night

I never paid much attention to the Lincoln brand until I stumbled upon the Lincoln test drive setup at the Quail Lodge during last year’s Monterey Carweek. I test drove the MKC Black Label around the Quail Lodge and saw the MKX Concept car at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Prior to this event, I have only driven a few rental Towncars and that was pretty much my only experiences with Lincoln.

Fast forward to 2015, I received an email from Lincoln offering the Lincoln Date Night program. I called their Lincoln Concierge Hotline and scheduled my appointment to pick up an extended test drive MKZ from my local Lincoln dealer. Pick up process was easy, I arrived at Galpin Lincoln in Van Nuys. I was greeted by Todd Kessler and along came with a visa gift card from Lincoln. After Todd paired my phone and gave me a brief introduction to the vehicle, I was off to enjoy my weekend with this fully loaded MKZ.


Lincoln MKZ is based on the Ford CD4 platform which is the same for Ford Fusion and the European Ford Mondeo. The Z on the MKZ came from the previously generation model call Lincoln Zephyr. FoMoCo did a lot in the marketing department to shake off the badge engineering stigma. I am guessing the folks at Lexus are dealing with the same headache when they had to make the ES350 that much better than the Avalon Limited. If one were to ticked all the option boxes on the MKZ then it could be a special car.


Features & Comfort

  • Panoramic roof opens all the way and slides over the rear window. Highly recommended that buyers get good ceramic tint on this big piece of glass. If you are taller than 6 foot then you should skip this option as it cuts into the headroom.
  • Plastic trims are better than the ones found my rental Fusion. The panels meet and no sharp edges to file your finger nails.
  • Multi-Contour Seats are amazing! They are butt warmer and chiller as well as massaging seat function.
  • Plenty Cubby spaces around the car
  • Love/Hate Ford Sync by Microsoft. Keep that screen cleaner as fingerprints makes reading the display very difficult.


  • Dynamic Dampers (Drive Control) is standard on MKZ.
    Which you have 3 modes of dampers (Comfort/Normal/Sport)
    Comfort - Rides like a Towncar and your passengers will be napping in no time
    Normal - Normal driving with light steering wheel feel and great for street
    Sport - Heavier steering and decent canyon balance.
  • 3.7L V6 makes good power but lacks refinement. 300hp to the front wheels translates to torque steer to the right. Probably a better engine if you needed the AWD system.
    2.0T Ecoboost is a better match.
  • Standard Michelin Primary MXM4 is a great wheel and tire combo. A good balance between Comfort/Performance with these 245/45/R18.
    19” option would ruin the ride quality.



Between ES350 and MKZ. Get the MKZ if you like having the most gadgets and dynamic driving experience. ES350 wins if you needed long wheel base car, but then there is better value in getting an Avalon Limited. It would be a toss up between Lincoln MKZ and Acura TLX. It depends on the engine choice. I would take the 2.0T Ecoboost over the 2.4 liter Acura but TLX V6 over the Ford Duratec V6 engine.



Get the 2.0T Ecoboost with Massaging seats. Skip the THX sound system as you are not watching a movie in it. I am looking forward to the 2016 MKX release this fall.


That’s all you needed if you want a non-pretentious luxury car.

Picture Gallery

3.7L V6


Massage Seats for Driver and Passenger - The best feature of this car


Deep Door Pockets


Console storage space


Michelin Primacy MXM4 - 245/45/R18


Adaptive LED headlights


Touchscreen with fingerprints


Returned at Galpin Motors.

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