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2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe Edition 1

When my mother phoned me about downsizing to smaller car and supplement her Porsche Cayenne S as grocery-getter in style. I found this C300 Edition 1 from MB of Marin.

Little background on Edition 1. Mercedes-Benz built these cars last special launch edition cars to “celebrate” a new production series. What they were really trying to do is to create a limited run of fully loaded car with all the bells and whistles for dealers to showcase all the features that you can order with the car. Think of it as the beer flight which you can taste everything for less. Otherwise I couldn’t find any cars in the USA with the hand-free trunk kicker without fully loaded with Premium 3 package which no one in their right mind would order themselves a 60k C300.

I absolutely love the interior with Dynamica seats with saddle brown inserts. However my mother is still warming up the matte grey finish. I have few days to catch up paint caring instructions before I go up and visit her.


Now of course ... will it baby?

Yes ... but what about two babies ....


Yes and Yes ... Babies love buttons.

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